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Creation of uniformity in the hearts of people and to make all possible efforts to kindle the flame of love and affection and to promote the sprit and compassion and sacrifice on the basis of services to humanity. By extending support to the poor, widows, neglected, handicapped by way of providing them all possible aid, support, and services.

Our Vision:

To See upliftment of the impoverished in the society in the domains of health, education, skill development.

What we do:

The Safa Educational Welfare and Charitable Trust based in Hyderabad, is a welfare organisation doing service in social welfare and education fields in the direct supervision of scholars, is making all possible efforts to reach the disadvantaged and marginalised sections of the society, surveying knowing their circumstances, assist them according to their needs.

This organisation established in the year of 2010. In these long years, we found huge gaps between wealthy and needy families. To find out real beneficiaries SBM established household survey system which is the backbone of our task. After careful inquiries, we conclude on which members of the particular areas are the most deserving. This evaluation takes into consideration various factors like of family members, their age and health, educational status, destitution, handicapped and differently abled, pensioners, widows, pregnant and deserted women and feeding mothers, and single partners, earning elders, educating members and other aspects in the household survey.